Chelsea heights community centre

Chelsea heights community centre

Chelsea Heights Community Centre plays an important part in the educational, social and culture of our community. The parklands are located near the famous Seaford Wetlands, also known as the Edithvale Wetlands, we offer various events, activities and programs which involve a wide range of residents from our community.

In our Centre you will be able to make new friends enjoy a good time, exchange ideas or acquire new techniques. We strive to meet the needs and desires of our community , therefore your suggestions and ideas are always welcomed.

The present Chelsea Heights Community Centre building was inaugurated in the month of October 1986 and replaced a “Nissen Hut’. The Centre has offered a broad variety of classes and activities that cater to every age group and sector within members of the Chelsea Heights community.

For children as young as an activity group has been operating at the Centre throughout the entire time. The occasional childcare program was offered from 1990 until the year 2019. For youth and older children, the Centre hosted Chelsea Heights Youth Club, CHYRP (Chelsea Heights Youth Recreation Program) as well as a range of other programs ranging including dance classes, art classes and Karate.

In 1987, community members established the ‘Get up and go’ group for people over 50’s. The lively group was based at the Centre offering a wide range of activities, until they moved to a new location as part of the building’s renovations in 2000. The brand new Seniors Group replaced this shortly following. Activities for people who are creative are a regular feature of the Centre, such as activities like painting led lighting, paper tole bonsai, calligraphy, and numerous other. Since 1987, an informal group has been gathering at the centre every Monday afternoon to have fun with each other and share tips and ideas as they work on their own crafts.

The Centre has long focused on improving the overall health and wellbeing of the people in our community. The long-running bootscooter club is a great opportunity for people to go out to connect with new people as well as have fun and become fit while doing it. Through the years, we’ve offered meditation, yoga as well as tai-chi aerobics, badminton and all kinds of dance classes.

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