Winter is associated with a wide variety of car issues caused by low temperatures. And, as with anything practical, when it comes to driving a vehicle in the Winter, it pays off to be better safe than sorry, and avoid these frozen car mishaps all together. Here’s a guide to steps that you can take to make sure your car is prepared for Winter driving from the roadside assistance experts here at Tow Cars.

Antifreeze Levels

Your car’s cooling system requires a level amount of antifreeze, and during the Summer, many drivers use a mixture with a higher amount of water. If this isn’t’t changed, by the time Winter arrives it can cause issues, as the water inside the tank may freeze. Make sure your vehicle has a fresh amount of antifreeze before the truly cold weather hits.

Tires and Chains

Make sure that you get Winterized tires, as Summer tires don’t work well in icy conditions. We recommend purchasing brand new Winterized tires every season. Also, always have at least 2 seperate tire chains in your trunk at all times to be prepared for seriously slippery conditions.

Don’t forget to wash your car

As long as you’re in an area that doesn’t have seriously extremely low temperatures, make sure that you should still wash your car once in a while during the Winter, in order to remove de-icing salt that can damage metal parts of your car. Ice can seriously destroy the lower half of your car, making it more vulnerable to damaging rust.

Be aware of road conditions

Keep your eye on the weather report, especially when planning to drive a long distance. Check the weather forecast before your drive – ideally the day before, and right before you leave – in order to be as prepared as possible.

Cover up your car

If you’re in an area away from the shelter of your garage, utilize a car cover during Winter months in order to prepare for the risk of snow or ice build up that can potentially freeze your car shut, or break your windshield wipers.

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Winter Car Preparation