In this article we hope to inform you about what a tow company is, what it does and how it can help you if you were to ever need their services.

A tow company is very simply a company that provides vehicle transportation services. They are normally equipped with several tow trucks that are usually fitted with a flat bed and motorised pulley to help pull the vehicles on to the truck for safe transportation.

These tow companies are also known by other names such as vehicle recovery and transport or breakdown recovery services. These companies can work with all types of insurance companies and even emergency services to go and pick up damaged vehicles from the highway. They can also be hired on a private basis if an individual needs their vehicle to be moved to a new location because the vehicle does not run or drive. They can also be used by vehicle scrapping companies to take the vehicle to a scrap metal yard to recycle vehicles.

Towing Service For Accident Recovery

If you have been in an accident or have broken down on the road, you may need to hire a tow truck to have your vehicle taken to a garage. In certain situations if the accident is serious the emergency services will dispatch the wrecker to the scene of the incident to pick up the vehicles.

However in certain situations such as a small accident where only 2 vehicles are involved and no one was hurt, or your vehicle is broken down and you don’t have breakdown cover. You can hire one off towing companies that can pick up your vehicle and transport it to a destination of your choosing.

Towing Service for Scrapping/Recycling your Vehicle

If you have an old vehicle that has seen better days and you are unable to put it  up for sale because the repair and maintenance costs far out way the value of the vehicle, you may want to consider scrapping the vehicle for cash. You may find some scrap metal merchants can give you a really good deal on your car/bike and can make it a way more attractive option then trying to sell.

If you decide to go with one of these vehicle recycling centres, a tow truck will be sent to pick up your vehicle and drop it off to their recycling plant. Most of these companies will charge you for this towing service, or they may deduct the charge from the money you would get for your vehicles scrap metal. Some companies will allow you to hire your own towing company to transport the vehicle to the vehicle recycling centre.

Towing Services for Salvage Vehicles

More and more people are starting to purchase salvage vehicles to repair themselves and drive because they would save a lot of money compared to buying them new or used. 

However these companies don’t usually provide a towing service to drop the vehicle off to your home. This is a good scenario where you would need to hire a good towing service to help transport the vehicle to you.
As you can see there are a quite a few reasons to want to hire a towing service. Make sure you read our article on how to pick a good towing company in Melbourne.

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What is a Towing Service in Melbourne and how it can help you