When your car breaks down and you’re stuck on the side of the road, a trusted towing service can save your life. Towing companies in Melbourne have a wide range of tools they can use to move your car safely and quickly to where you want it to go. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the tools that Melbourne’s professional towing companies use.

Flatbed Trucks
Flatbed trucks, which are also called “rollback” trucks, are often used to pull cars in Melbourne. The flat platform on these trucks can be turned down to the ground so that the car can be driven or pulled onto the truck. Once the car is in place, the flatbed is raised and the car is driven to its final location.

Wheel-Lift Trucks
Another popular type of tow truck used by towing companies in Melbourne is the wheel-lift truck. The hydraulic arm on these trucks is used to lift the front or back wheels off the ground. Once the wheels are up, the car can be pulled to where it needs to go.

Trucks for heavy loads
Heavy-duty trucks are used to pull buses, trucks, and recreational vehicles. The engine in these trucks is strong, and they can pull more weight than other types of tow trucks. Heavy-duty trucks often use both winches and hydraulic devices to safely and effectively pull heavy vehicles behind them.

Dollies are used to pull cars that can’t move on their own because they have a flat tire or something else wrong with them. Placed under the wheels of the car and lifted off the ground, these small devices make it easy and safe to pull the car behind another car.

Winches are used to pull cars out of mud, sand, or other hard-to-drive-on surfaces. The tow truck pulls on a cable or rope that is attached to the car that is stuck. A winch can also be used to pull a car out of a ditch or off a cliff.

Professional towing companies in Melbourne also have tools and extras like jump starters, spare tires, and fuel containers to help with roadside situations.

In conclusion, professional towing companies in Melbourne use a variety of tools to get your car to where it needs to go quickly and safely. With tools like flatbed trucks, winches, and dollies, these towing companies can handle any roadside situation. So the next time you need a tow, you can be sure that the towing company has the right tools to do the job.

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