Summers can be sweltering and problematic not only for people but for vehicles as well. It can be stressful for drivers as an uncomfortable climate and hot weather conditions can make people irritable.

On top of that, any problem with your vehicle can pose a threat to other vehicles on the road. Therefore as a driver, it is necessary for you to maintain your vehicle in good condition to avoid any stressful situations in summer. Lack of maintenance and proper care can make your car vulnerable and make you dependent on roadside services.

Following proper car maintenance steps to combat the summer season is critical. Any issue with your vehicle can cause your car to break down in the middle of your drive. Especially high temperatures can affect the vehicle’s battery and exhaust systems. So as a driver, you must know which tips to follow to maintain your vehicle in good condition for every type of climate.

This blog post mentions a few of the tips you can follow to ensure your vehicle’s maintenance and to help you get through the summer.

Check Your Brakes

High-temperature conditions in the summer season can directly affect your brakes. It can have a greater impact on the normal wear and tear of your brake pads. This is where they can limit your function and accessibility to the vehicle’s brakes. Therefore as summer approaches, it is necessary for you to check your brakes and rotors and make sure that they are in perfect condition. Apart from this, also make sure that the brake fluid is topped.

Check The Battery

Battery issues are quite common in the summer season, and should never be ignored. A poor battery can lead to a heated up engine. As a result, you will be forced to stop in the middle of the road to let it cool.

Do not ignore your battery if it is undergoing a lot of stress or it has been years since you last changed your vehicle’s battery. Make sure that it is fully functional and get it tested by a professional. If your battery is too old or is struggling to start your car, it is best to replace it with a new one.

Check The Engine Oil

Engine oil plays a critical role in the smooth running of your vehicle. In the summer it is necessary that the engine oil is kept in good condition as you are most likely running the AC of your vehicle as well. Moreover, the climate can impact your vehicle directly.

There is a dip line in the engine, which will let you know if you need to change your engine oil or not. Moreover, you can also check your oil filter to check whether you need to replace your engine oil or not. Replacing your engine oil timely can save you from major vehicle breakdowns.

Common Reasons For Vehicle Failure In The Summer

Vehicles can run into problems when the temperature is extremely high because of the summer season. Some of the most common reasons behind broken down vehicles are as follows:

  • The vehicle doesn’t have a strong battery, and it gets overheated because of the constant use of the AC in the summer.
  • The battery is quite old or has exceeded five years of age.
  • Under and over-inflated tires can put more pressure on the tires.
  • Less viscous oil because of increased temperature conditions.
  • Friction between clutches and brakes.


Vehicle maintenance is important to do before summer arrives so your car can perform at its best. It is wise to get services from a professional vehicle maintenance company for this purpose. Moreover, you must also get in contact with a roadside assistance provider who can assist you when something happens with your vehicle.

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Vehicle Maintenance Tips For Summer