It is often difficult for people to understand the difference between towing and roadside assistance. Even though towing is sometimes bundled with roadside assistance packages, the two are different.

Towing Services

The term towing refers to moving your car from one place to another. The operation is carried out using tow trucks known as flatbed or wheel lift tow trucks. Vehicles might be towed in various circumstances; the most common situations are when the vehicle breaks down and become immobilized, but they also can be towed even if they run properly.

In some cases, a tow truck company might move a vehicle instead of the driver if they’ve been arrested or the police say the driver can’t move it. And for some, they will hire a tow truck service after buying a vehicle, so they could register it after the vehicle got home.

More on Towing Services

In essence, towing services are needed when a driver is unable to or should not move a vehicle alone.

Towing services are typically offered by car insurance companies for an additional monthly fee. Roadside assistance packages may or may not include towing services. Depending on the package, towing services or roadside assistance may be offered.

Individuals who choose towing services will not receive the extra assistance included with roadside packages. Many people find this to be an advantage.

Some people prefer to have the option of extra assistance if needed. This is to avoid the need to find another person to assist after the vehicle is towed home.

When Should a Vehicle Get Towed?

There are several situations where a person might want to get their car towed. The most obvious and common reason is that the car isn’t running.

Cars stop running for a multitude of things. Some of these things can be easily fixed if you decided to get a roadside package with towing. Other items can only be fixed by a mechanic with a full garage and the appropriate tools.

You might also want to get your car towed if it’s a new purchase. It isn’t legal to drive until it has been insured and registered at your local DMV. Towing the car to your place of residence is a smarter choice than risking a drive.

Roadside Assistance

How does roadside assistance work, and why is it so important for every driver? A roadside assistance package provides drivers with quick fixes. This service comes to the aid of motorists whose cars break down or are stranded. A roadside assistance call would be appropriate if your car battery suddenly died while you were driving.

What does Roadside Assistance Do?

When you are stranded, contact the roadside assistance company and explain your situation. The company will send a roadside technician to assist you and inspect your vehicle.

The packages offered by each provider differ. Towing is often part of a package of assistance, but it’s not always provided. Also included are:

  • Flat Tire Service
  • Jump Start Service
  • Lockout Service
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Winching and Extrication Services

What’s Covered in Roadside Services?

Roadside assistance policies often have strict guidelines on what they include in their packages. Here are the most commonly included services.

Flat Tire Service

A flat tire can be dangerous for other drivers, so you should have it fixed right away. The mechanic will change the flat to the spare when you call roadside assistance. However, the service commonly doesn’t provide a replacement tire, unless otherwise stated by the company. The customer must have a spare tire on hand.

Battery Service

It is not uncommon for batteries to die and need to be recharged. Car battery services can jump-start the car battery to get the vehicle started again. This service does not include supplying replacement batteries unless otherwise stated.

Lockout Service

In the case of a locked key in your car, this is referred to as a “car locksmith service.” A technician will come to help you unlock it.

Fuel Delivery

What if you forgot to get gas? When you don’t have enough fuel to drive, your car suddenly starts sputtering.

Deliveries of fuel fit into that category. Using this service, someone will deliver you an allotted amount of car fuel to get the engine started again. One can choose to refuel a small amount so that the person can drive to a service station, or the person can choose to refuel more, depending on how much the towing company can provide.

Winching and Extrication Services

Winching or winch-out services help you get your car moving again if it becomes stuck at a location or spot. It could get stuck in the ditch, sand, or mud.


It would be necessary to get your vehicle to a mechanic if your vehicle left you stranded. Most policies provide towing service. Although towing companies will tow your car to your named destination, you should be aware that there are miles limits, and that they may charge extra to go to a preferred location.

When Should I Get Roadside Assistance?

Purchasing roadside assistance from your insurance provider and calling multiple times a year shows you as a high-risk customer. Therefore consider your options carefully when deciding on roadside assistance (under an insurance plan provider).

It is important to note that only the vehicle owner is eligible for roadside assistance. If, for example, your friend gets a flat tire while you’re driving, roadside assistance won’t cover them just because you’re there.

Besides your roadside assistance from a car insurance provider, you can also hire such services from individual roadside service providers. However, do take note as they are individual service providers, some may not be linked to the insurance companies.

Availability of Roadside Assistance

Roadside coverage is available from many insurance companies. Other companies specialize in providing the service, such as AAA, and are often more expensive.

There are car companies that offer roadside assistance when you buy a vehicle, so you might have it without knowing it. Various credit card companies are also providing roadside assistance to drivers, some of them free of charge.

Considering each company has a different plan, you should take the time to examine that plan, and seek clarifications. The services offered by each provider may differ, and certain restrictions may apply. There is generally a flat rate for every plan regardless of your driving history.

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Towing and Roadside Assistance – Are They the Same