Being in a vehicular collision is sometimes one of the most nerve racking experiences one can have, however knowing what to do in this kind of situation can ease the tension and make it a pleasant experience for everyone involved. One of the most important decisions you can make after an accident is to have to hire a tow truck company to move your vehicle off the road.
In this article we aim to try helping you be prepared for this kind of outcome and explain what is involved in different situations.

Why you may need a Tow Truck Company

So you have been unfortunate to be in an accident, depending on the severity of the crash, you may need your vehicle to be towed to a garage. In some scenarios a tow truck can be provided by your insurance company or if the accident was severe and the emergency services were called, they may dispatch their own tow truck to take the vehicle away.
In certain circumstances you may find you may need to deal with the vehicle yourself and try to get it to a nearby garage for further inspection and repair if necessary. It could be that the vehicle isn’t starting even though there is no visible sign of severe damage to the car.  In these scenarios you can try calling a local breakdown recovery service in Melbourne to see if they can get you back on the road without having to get it towed. You can then drive the vehicle to a repair centre or garage of your choice without having to pay for towing costs.

If the vehicle deems dangerous to drive for whatever reason, it may be much safer to get the vehicle towed to a garage and have it thoroughly checked. In this scenario you can look to hire a tow truck company in Melbourne to have your vehicle picked up and taken to the closest garage of your liking.

Finding the right Tow Company in Melbourne

You should ensure the company you research is reputable and looks respectable and trust worthy. You can usually do this be looking at their online web presence. You should have a look at their website for what services they cover and if they cover the area you are located in Melbourne . Also have a look at their pricing structure and if they accept credit card payments.

The tow truck company in Melbourne should have a half decent amount of reviews online. This could be on Google business pages, Facebook. Make sure to try and contact people through Facebook that have used the company’s services to get a better idea of how their experience was using the services and if there were any issues they encountered that you may need to be aware of. This will give a pretty good idea of the company and whether you should use them.

How to protect yourself from scams and paying too much

Once you have chosen a tow truck company you are happy with ensure you save their number in your phone or write it on a piece of paper and place it in your car.  When the tow truck arrives make sure you check the driver’s credentials and that they match the companies details. A more reputable company will have markings on their vehicle to indicate their company logo so make sure to check out for these signs.

To prevent any additional charges incurring due to further damage that may occur during transportation, make sure to take plenty of photos of your vehicle before it is put on the tow truck. You can then use these as evidence should the company decide to charge you for additional damage done to your vehicle.
When signing off on an agreed amount, make sure to sign near or right under the amount you agree to pay. This will lower the chances of additional charges being added without your knowledge.
Once the transaction is complete make sure to get an invoice and receipt so you have record of what should go out of your account for the work done.
Hopefully these tips should make sure you are ready for the worst case scenario when it comes to hiring a tow truck in

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