Items needed to change a car tire

Some new cars are equipped with basic items needed to change a tire, but they are misplaced with time. If you bought a used car, it might be missing, and you may need to buy a new tire. There are some car essentials require to change the tire. Vehicle owners manual contain instruction for changing the tire on your make and model of vehicle. A car jack lifts your car off the road so you can change the tire accordingly. For safety, it is always recommended to use the jack recommended by the owner, not any other object to lift the car, because it can be dangerous. Secondly, lug wrench which is a pry bar to remove the hubcap and loosen nuts that hold your tire. Now replace the tire with a temporary tire and take yourself to a service station. However, if you are unlucky while changing the tire then you can contact TowCars Melbourne for roadside assistance.

Things that make changing a tire easier and faster

There are a few things you should keep in mind while changing your tire, to make it easier and less dangerous. You need to pack these things with a first aid kit, water bottle, and durable bags. Or purchase a roadside emergency kit that includes accessories for roadside assistance. It includes emergency flares to alert another motorist, tire block which prevents the car from rolling. Tire-changing mat, lubricant, or grease to loosen the nuts, flashlight to change the tire at dark or during night time. Tire pressure gauge, hand wipes to clean the tire after changing it, Rain jackets to keep you dry if you are driving in a rainy area. Besides, you can while changing the tire listen to music or keep talking to someone to reduce stress.

Steps to change your tire

If you are driving when your tire gets flat then slowly decrease the speed of your vehicle then turn on hazard lights and park the car in a safe spot or low traffic area. If you are driving on the highway then park your vehicle on side of the road and park in an area that has not sloped, it will help you in changing your tire. Once you park a car, pull a hand brake. This is another safety measure to keep your vehicle in the same place while you change the tire. Set the flares to let other vehicles see you and do not turn your back on traffic. If you have wheel wedges use them it will prevent your car from moving. Remove hubcap using a pry bar, it will pop the hubcap off the tire rim.

However, sometimes it is not possible to have all the equipment to change the tire then you can call emergency car towing services instead of wasting your time and energy. Place the lug wrench over the nuts and turn it counterclockwise to loosen the nuts. Some nuts are hard to turn so you need to apply greater force to loosen them. Use a car jack to lift your vehicle off the ground. Make sure that your body part does not go under the car while changing the tire. Move away from your car and lower your vehicle once the tire is changed.

Make sure that lug nuts are loosen and kept somewhere safe so that you do not miss it once your tire is replaced. Once nuts are loosen pull them gently and put them on the side. Line up the spare tire with the lug bolts until the tire fits the rim. Then replace apply the lug nuts and tighten them by hand first then tighten it with a wrench. Slightly lower your vehicle until the spare tire touches the ground. Be careful not to lower it to where it bears the whole weight of the vehicle. Then tighten up nuts and remove the jack. Then check the tire air pressure. If it needs air then take it to TowCars Melbourne for air pressure and fill it to the manufacturer’s PSI. Once the tire has replaced gather all the items you used and secure them in your vehicle. Be sure to place all the equipment in their proper places once your tire has properly replaced. You can use the flat tire as your spare tire. Get it fixed so that it can use in your further journey.

changing a tyre mid journey

Tire maintenance tips to help avoid a flat

Precaution is better than cure, taking proper care of your tire can’t guarantee your tire will never get flat, but it will reduce the chances of your tire to get flat. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your tires, make your vehicle safer, increase fuel efficiency. According to RMA (rubber manufacturers association), air pressure, and rotating tire bases on your vehicle will keep them balanced and aligned. With all precautions we cannot say that we will always be lucky, sometimes we do not have the equipment, or due to a busy life, we may forget to keep spare tires. You call tow truck 24/7 near me to avoid wasting your time and effort and get your job quickly done.

Precautions will increase your tire in order and keep it in good condition. Check cracks on the tire wall, uneven tread wear, bulges, and pressure. If you note any of these problems, go to an auto service station and get your tire replaced. Practice tire change in a safe location like a garage or a parking lot. It will make you prepared to change a tire under such conditions. TowCars Melbourne wants you to keep in mind that changing can be dangerous if precautions discussed above are not properly followed. Keep in mind to go to a higher and safe location when changing your tire. If necessary call the police for help. They can either divert the traffic while TowCars Melbourne changes your tire. Make sure that a flat tire will not ruin your whole day or does not change your mood. While changing your tire you can listen to music to maintain your mood or keep talking to someone to reduce frustration. Once your tire has replaced do not think of the troubling moment and try to reach your location with a pleasant moment.

It is frustrating to know a tire gets punctured or gets flat while driving. But it can happen any time, any place, and roadside assistance may not always be available. So whether you are getting behind the wheel for the first time or driving on a highway, it is necessary to know how to change a car tire. Changing a car tire isn’t too difficult. But going through some easy steps will help you to get out of the difficult situation. First, you need to check the health of your tire and the exact problem with your tire. It only requires a few moments to figure out the exact issue with the tire. Secondly, check the manufacture and age of the tire. Check if it is a bubble or wrinkle on the bubble occurs. These are an indication that the tire needs to change. Some SUVs and modern vehicle have censors which indicate tire need to be changed or tire pressure should be adjusted. However, some steps will help you change the tire.