It is a nightmare for a driver when the car breakdown in unfamiliar territory, especially when you’re traveling with family, kids, or on a long drive. At the blink of the moment, thousands of thoughts and worries pass through your mind. The question is how to find help? How much does it cost? Who will rescue us? Etc. TowCars Melbourne is your perfect road partner, provides road assistance 24/7 whenever and wherever you’re in need on roads. A car is a complex machine of electronic and mechanical components that can go wrong without any notice. Sometimes, breakdown indicates the trouble heading for us. Thus we need to follow the little signs to avoid major failures. A breakdown can be stressful – and no matter you have a new car or an old car, every car can breakdown under the right condition. Besides the differences in the car manufacturers, there are few common reasons that all cars tend to breakdown. If we understand those reasons we can avoid a major breakdown or if you need any help then we will contact the right person to get us out of this mess.

One of the most common causes of breakdown is a week or faulty batteries. Old and faulty batteries are common in our country because of the sale and purchase of used/old cars. Most batteries come with a 3 to 5 years guarantee, so if you are using a car for a long time then it is better to replace it before it causes a breakdown of your car. You will not be able to start your car with a faulty battery as it powers the starter motor and with the help of an alternator, recharges the battery. It may be because of a malfunctioning component for a flat battery. If you haven’t use the car for a long period or if you have used it for a short distance, there is a chance of a flat battery. Also, a faulty battery can be the reason for an indigent electric connection. To avoid these complications you need to turn off your car before leaving. Charge it overnight and make sure battery terminals are clean and protected from corrosion. However, due to busy schedules, we forgot to check all these. If you are car breakdown then you can call TowCars Melbourne to assist you and to get you out of the mess.

The most common second car breakdown has damaged wheels or tires. Damage wheels or tires are the reason for severe accidents on the roads. You can call TowCars for roadside assistance, as they are the best in town and have been working for years in this service.

We should be well-aware of broken and under construction, which is the significant reason for damaging the tires. Flat tires are caused by driving on deep pits or pointed objects. Other causes include misaligned wheels, failure of tire valve, and some others. No matter what reasons are there, you have to take care of our tires and should take necessary precautions to avoid a flat tire. While driving, you need to avoid potholes, check tire condition regularly, put a spare tire in your car, along with a jack and tools for locking wheels bolts, etc. However, you do not need to panic and lose patience if any breakdown occurs. Call any towing service in USA for roadside assistance and inform them about the actual issue so they can bring extra tires as well.

car breakdown tire change

Driving a manual car has its advantages. A large number of cars use manual transmissions they use hydraulic clutch without cables. A broken clutch cable won’t allow disengaging the clutch. On the contrary, if the cable broke in the middle of the road then, nudge the shifter into neutral and stop the car. It is dangerous to drive a vehicle with a broken cable, and neither roadside assistance will support you. Call TowCars Melbourne to tow your car to the nearest service station to fix the car. To avoid it, check if gear appears to grind while changing gear. Check if it is taking more effort to press the clutch pedal. A higher or lower clutch pedal is also a warning sign. Another most common reason is car lockdown or lost key. To avoid difficulty caused by a lost key is to keep an extra pair of keys at home. Car keys contain a microchip, their purpose is to stop the car from being stolen can make it difficult to replace. You can call TowCars Melbourne for lockout service, they have licensed and professional in their service so you can call them without any hesitation.

While changing engine oil you should always check the engine oil. The wrong type of engine oil will not only shorten life expectancy but also cause serious damage. Whether it is low oil or too much oil, both will harm your engine. Furthermore, engine trouble starts with minor problems including leaking coolant who leads to an overheated engine. Watch out for cracks and peeling on belts for precaution, inspect hoses and belts regularly. By checking gas mileage, you can avoid engine troubles. A sudden drop in mileage is likely a signal that something is not right with your engine. Take the necessary precautions to prevent engine troubles. Check fuel gauge, do not wait for warning light signals. Keep extra fuel in your car. However, if your car fuel gets low or the engine muddles, then you can call TowCars Melbourne for assistance. They will tow your vehicle to the nearest service station to get your engine repaired.

We know breakdowns can happen at any time. Your car has vital to your life and needs to maintained properly to avoid any malfunctioning, in case of any breakdown you call towing services. TowCars Melbourne offers coolant flushes, battery replacement, lockout, and many others. We should discuss some other issues related to a car breakdown. The overheated car can bring tons of troubles, to avoid it just check coolant and cooling fans, and check if there are any leaks. Also, check starter motors, coil packs, and ignition wires. Slow engine and dim lights are the sign of troubling starter motors and alternators. We know that stranded on the road waiting for help is not a good experience. There should be a professional hand to assist you. Call us any time as we offer 24/7 services, but we suggest you to check your engine, put an extra tire in your car, check the health of your battery, all these will reduce the chances of a car breakdown.