In this blog post our towing specialists with Coburg Towing will detail some important tips to drive safely in the rain on a day.

Quick Car Equipment Check

Inspect your car’s components, including the taillights, headlights, windshield wipers and horn to ensure that they’re functioning. Check that your car’s treads are properly maintained as worn tires cause slippery roads that are which are more likely to trigger your vehicle to slide and hydroplane.

Drive Slow

It is important to drive slower when driving on wet roads since the car’s reaction time may be a little slower. This is a must during rainy weather. When you slow down, you give your vehicle with more time to respond to obstacles such as accidents, hydroplaning, or even accidents.


Make sure your headlights are on when you drive during rainy weather, even if it’s mist or a light drizzle.

Windshield Wipers

Always turn your windshield’s wipers on, and even in the case of light mist or rain. The speed of the windshield wipers can be altered to help remove water out of your window. We recommend spraying or wiping specific rain-resistant products on your windshield. Also, replace your wipers if you can hear they scrape your windshield.

Distance Between Cars

Be sure to travel at least one car’s length behind the car behind for each 10 MPH you’re driving. If it’s raining, allow more space!

Avoid Puddles

Hydroplaning is most likely to occur in the presence of large puddles or standing water. This happens when the car slides over the water, preventing your tires of the roadway, which could cause skidding, or cause your vehicle to lose control. Be cautious when driving through standing water, steering or by safely switching lanes. And if your car begins to hydroplane, let your foot go off the accelerator and drive in the direction in which the vehicle’s front must turn (rather than in the opposite direction.) Don’t make a sudden turn or apply your brakes too hard!


Rain can increase humidity and the windows of your car could easily become foggy. Make sure you ventilate your vehicle in order to clear the fog and then open a window, if need be. If you’re still not able to see, make sure you drive your car away from the road, away from any other vehicles until you are able to clearly see through your windshield.

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Rainy Day Driving Safety