Vintage cars are fun to drive, especially American muscle or classic cars. But owning one is a labour of love. Vintage cars require a bit more maintenance than the average new car. So, if you’re looking for tips to keep your vintage car running well and looking good, you came to the right place. Here are 5 useful tips to help you along:

1- Drive your car regularly

This first tip should come easy to you. Who wouldn’t enjoy exhibiting such an exclusive possession (especially if you can show off your classic beautiful cars such as an Aston Martin or Datsun 240Z?)

Frequent trips are essential for keeping your vehicle in good condition. So don’t leave your beautiful vintage car to sit for a long time. It’s recommended to drive your vehicle at least twice a month, weather permitting. This way you’ll prevent your car mechanism from breaking down. 

Remember to warm up your vehicle before hitting the road.

2- Keep it safe from the weather

It’s best to ensure your car is protected from extreme weather. A weather-tight garage is perfect to protect your car during the winter. But if you don’t have a garage, then a car cover can save the day. It will shield your vintage car from damaging elements, like rain and ice.  Covering your vehicle will also prevent the paintwork from fading due to sunlight exposure. 

Make sure the cover is light so that no moisture gets trapped. Otherwise, mildew will develop. Before covering your car, the windows should be slightly open, so that air can move inside. 

Vintage cars need to be in a dry space. Moisture can cause corrosion and mould to grow.

3- Follow a cleaning schedule

Be consistent with your cleaning schedule. Remove any dirt that could corrode uncovered metal. Try to do this after each journey. 

Mind the interior of your car. Vehicle interiors can accumulate dirt, food crumbs, and harmful particles that can attract rodents. Rodent damage and nesting can compromise the safety of your car. 

4- Maximise protection with wax

A shiny classic vehicle attracts all eyes.  And it’s the dream of vintage car lovers. Applying wax to your vehicle will protect it against debris and dirt. 

Corrosion is your car’s nemesis. Wax also prevents corrosion by forming a layer of protection. If rust spots are already affecting your car, apply lubricant. 

Too much wax can be damaging to the paintwork, so remember to do this in moderation.

5- Check your car often

Changes in ambient temperature can cause pipes to develop leaks. So, look for signs of leaks when checking the oil level. After some time of inactivity, check the condition of the tyres and the brake pedal. Make sure there are no cracks under the car. Ensuring all components operate properly is essential before driving your vintage car. 

Those have been our 5 tips so you can maintain and keep your vintage car running smoothly.

Remember it’s better to be safe than sorry. Vintage cars are unique and valuable. Need to transport your vintage car?

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How to Maintain Your Vintage Car 5 Tips You Need to Know