Whether you want to get off the grid and explore the National Parks or simply take a summer road trip to see your family, your RV is the best roaming basecamp. But before you go on an RV trip, there are some things you need to do in order to make sure that your RV is ready to roll.

Following are 5 maintenance and safety tips you should follow before going on an RV summer trip:

1. Get Your RV Serviced
It is highly recommended that you get your RV serviced so you can prevent any unfortunate incident that may occur during your long summer road trip. Make sure that the tires are free of any bumps and they have the correct psi and don’t have low tread. Also make sure that the wheel bearings and the brakes are in good condition. Get the belts on the engine checked as well. Furthermore, it is recommended that you check the air conditioner and make sure that the internal filters and the coils are cleaned.

2. Check Your Awnings
To make sure that awnings attached to your RV are performing properly, give them a thorough inspection. Check your windshield wipers and makes sure that they are in good working condition because squalls can be common during the summers.

3. Get Your RV Packed
Obviously, you will need your camping gear before going on any RV trip. If you are short on storage space in your RV, then camping gear can be cumbersome. Bikes, sleeping bags, tents, and other related things take up a lot of space. So, pack only those recreation essentials that you think you will need the most on your summer RV trip. The same goes for your camping gear.

4. Get Your Fridge Ready
Make sure your refrigerator is turned on the night before you take off. Don’t store any food until the temperatures come down to 38 to 40 degrees. It is recommended that you take a cooler for fruit and soft drinks.

5. Book Your Campsites in Advance
You cannot simply roll into any National Park and expect to find a vacant campsite. You must strategically plan your stops beforehand. This will help take the stress out of finding a suitable campsite once you have been on the road for hours. Some RV trip experts suggest that one should arrange as many commercial and national park reservations as soon as possible because finding a suitable open site in the summers can be quite a challenge.

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Going on an RV Trip This Summer Use This 5 Step Maintenance and Safety Checklist Before You Go