One of the services we proudly provide here at TowCars Melbourne is picking up junk cars for those looking to haul them in for cash. In this blog entry, our towing experts will describe some aspects of getting rid of your junk car.

When to Get rid of Old / Junk Cars

Cars that don’t run might still have value. How do you know, however, whether you should try to get a mechanic to restore an old car, or simply sell it. You should get rid of your old / junk car if:

The body has tons of rust
If the necessary repairs would be costly or extensive
If there are no safety features
If the structure has deteriorated
If you don’t need the vehicle.

If you’re getting rid of an old car, we recommend that you:

Remove all personal items and property from the car
Remove the license plates
Remove the car from your insurance policy
Sign over the title and deed of the car

Major Benefits of Donating your Junk Car rather than Selling it

Some benefits of donating your junk car rather than selling it include:

When donating a junk car to charity, junk car removal services will pick the vehicle up for no charge, since both you and the service will receive a tax credit!

Donating junk cars will result in a tax deduction. When you sign the vehicle title over to a charity, they will auction it, and once it has sold, you will get a receipt for a tax deduction donation. You can even simply get an estimate to use the tax documentation as a write off.

As long as you can prove the title and ownership of your vehicle, it doesn’t matter what type of condition, or what type of vehicle it is – you can donate it anyway.

By having your junk cars towed away and donated, you will free up space that the car would simply be taking up otherwise.