Driving on the freeway is a fact and we cannot deny that. Up to every one of the fifth drivers regularly use motorway networks which is continually evolving. In 2018, learner drivers had been given a chance to drive on motorways, and smart motorways are continuously being introduced across the country. Car breakdown can happen when you are not expecting it to happen. But it’s scary when your car gives out on a motorway. After all trucks, cars, and SUVs are enough to rattle anyone’s nerve. So what you need to do when your car breakdown on a motorway or highway.

The best solution is to prepare before your car starts getting into trouble. You need to stay calm, but also you and other motorists safe. Here TowCars Melbourne will help you to help you cope with your vehicle. It is important to understand what kind of problem you are facing? What type of assistance do you need? Do you need towing? So when you call for help, you can ask for the right services to help you. If your vehicle has mechanical damage and it won’t start then calls for a tow truck, if there is a battery issue or if your tire gets burst then call the respective service to help you get out of the mess.

If your vehicle has a mechanical problem and it isn’t starting, you may ask the towing service to dispatch a towing service near me with jumpstart tools. In case if the wheel is damaged, or if the tire gets flat and it is low to the ground or the rim broke out, you should think of calling a towing company who can change the tire instead of towing it.

Sometimes, the motorist gets out of the vehicle to check the damage after a collision or forgets to take the key out and the car gets locked. Though a tow truck can lift your vehicle if the vehicle is the rear wheel and parked on the sideway, you should call TowCars Melbourne to provide lockout service, so they can unlock you. Similarly, if your fuel gets low and there is no fuel station new you then park the car and call for fuel assistance to fill your fuel tank to help you start your journey again on the motorway.

With the right advice, planning, and 24/7 assistance towing service, you’ll be safe and back on wheels in no time. Though motorways are safe because traffic density very low, there are no quick turns but breaking down on them is very risky.

Variable speed limits are a new introduction in motorways. It is better to slow traffic slightly during rush hours. It makes it easier to keep traffic flow at a constant speed. Though motorways are safe because traffic density very low. There are no quick turns but breaking down on them is very risky. If you met an issue in the car or another reason for slowing down the car then pull onto the hard shoulder with hazards warning lights on. People may think of the hard shoulder as a safe spot, it can be anything, stop in real emergencies only. Get everyone out of the vehicle once you halt. The ideal is through the passenger side door so they are away from traffic. Once everyone is out – except pets, they must stay in the vehicle. Stay on the other side of the barrier a clear distance from moving traffic. Even if your car suffered from a tire burst and you could change a wheel in 10 minutes flat, and don’t try it on the hard shoulder. Because it is far too dangerous being that close to speeding traffic. Then call TowCars Melbourne for help. They will know exactly where you are and will dispatch a tow truck to assist you.

If you are a learner driver and never used to be able to drive on the motorway until you passed the test. However, recently learners are allowed on motorways as long they are with their supervisor in the dual control car. However, learners do not have a driving test on the motorway. Once you are off the highway and are confident that there is no danger. Carefully get yourself out of the vehicle and inspect your car. If it is simple as a tire problem or flat tire, make sure you’re safe before attempting to replace it. If it is something more serious then call 24 hours of emergency towing service. While waiting for assistance, stay in your vehicle, or stand outside from speeding traffic. Once the tow truck arrives, they will either fix the problem at the moment. Or if there is any serious issue then they will tow your car. Car breakdown is frustrating, inconvenient, and nerve-racking, so you should always be prepared when you go out for a drive.

Towing in a freeway