the price of gasoline is constantly rising – and car owners are becoming more aware of the economics of budgeting for buying gas. However, there’s many things that you can do in order to make the most of the gas in your tank – which not only saves money, but helps save fuel. Here’s a guide on extending your car’s gas mileage, from the vehicle towing experts here at Tow Cars.

Clean your Air Filters

You need to make sure that your air filter is regularly cleaned, as when air filters get clogged they interfere with your vehicle engine’s ability to efficiently burn fuel – which is a common cause of low mileage. Regularly clean your car’s air filter – and do it more often if you regularly drive on dusty roads.

Tire Inflation

Make sure that your tires are always inflated to the proper pressure – as if they aren’t, you will be taking a big hit on your fuel economy. It’s essential to check the tire pressure more regularly if you haven’t driven your car in a while or if the car is in cold weather.

Never Accelerate too Much

If you accelerate your car more quickly by pushing the pedal closer to the floor you will eat up fuel faster – especially if then you have to quickly apply the breaks as you reach a light or a turning point. Instead, get a hang of the proper amount of steady acceleration by paying close attention to your foot position.

Driving at Steady Speeds

Like the above tip about acceleration, you should make sure to try to drive at a steadily maintained speed, rather than constant flows of speeding up and slowing down. Consider using cruise control if you’re on a long drive and it’s safe to do.

Neutral Shifts while Standing Still

Make sure to shift your car into neutral when you’re sitting stalled or at traffic lights. This helps make it easier on your car’s engine, saving you fuel.

Turning the Engine off when Idling

If you’re idling for a long period of time with the engine on you will drain your fuel. If you need the air conditioner or the heat on, cycle it by running the engine for a few minutes and then turning it off – allowing you to both stay comfortable and save you gas.

If you make sure to apply all of the above tips, you should save at least five percent of your gas mileage, and quite possibly much more!!

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Extending Car Gas Mileage