There is a variety of different kinds of towing, each suitable for different kinds of vehicle breakdowns.

Hook and Chain Towing Services

In the event that your car is written off, our independent tow truck service providers might offer traditional hook and chain towing services in order to save you, and your insurance company, time and money. This type of towing service is typically use when a car is totalled. This is because this type of towing technique will place stress on your vehicle since the hook is placed on the frame of your vehicle from the back, which can cause the vehicle to become misaligned and even damaged.

This kind of towing service however is sufficient for any car that is no longer functional and needs to be transported to a junk shop, body shop, and a location of your choosing. If you choose to get rid of your vehicle, the tow truck can transport your car to a junk shop so that the vehicle can be disposed of properly, safely.

Flatbed Towing Services

Flatbed towing is the most common method of towing offered by roadside assistance companies. This is because it does not cause your car any additional damage or strain. The vehicle is loaded onto the flatbed, strapped in, and then transported to a destination of your choice. You also have the option to transport your vehicle to one of the repair shops.

Wheel Lift Towing Services

Wheel lift towing is done by placing a metal yoke (shaped like a “T”) under either the front or back tires of your vehicle. What makes this method different from using a hook and chain towing truck is that the vehicle is only being lifted by the wheels, not by the axles or the frame of your vehicle. This method of towing is more cost-effective than flatbed towing, however, it has the potential of causing some minor cosmetic damage to your vehicle by adding additional scratches and paint scrapes depending on how the operator places your vehicle into the metal yoke

Boom Towing Services

Boom towing is reserved for retrieving a vehicle that is stuck in a ditch or is in a location that cannot be reached by a conventional tow truck. Today, boom tow trucks use a combination of rubber slings or belt lifts in order to attach to the vehicle and bring it safely back onto the road.

Integrated Towing Services

Integrated towing combines a boom tow truck with a wheel lift, metal “T” axis. They are used to move a car that is parked illegally. So the next time you see that a commercial parking lot has a partnership with a towing company, you can remember that the types of trucks that are deployed to move unlawfully parked cars are similar to integrated towing trucks.

Light And Medium-Duty Towing

Almost all towing service companies deal with light and medium-duty towing. These terms refer to lightweight vehicles. Such services include lockout, jumpstarts, towing, and other emergency roadside services.

If your vehicle is in an accident or runs out of gas, this is the service to call. These services are for vans, bikes, small trucks, and cars.

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Different Types of Towing