Despite the increased reliability of modern vehicles, most of us are all too aware that breakdowns do still happen. A number of the most common reasons for car breakdowns are entirely avoidable and knowing these may save you the inconvenience of being stuck at the side of the road searching on your phone for car recovery near me.

Below are a number of the most common reasons breakdown patrols are called out every day.

Common Vehicle Breakdown Causes


A lot of drivers experience overheating even if they are only on a short city drive. If the cooling system of your car is not working properly, you are most likely to encounter car overheat because the oil has a tendency to boil while the engine is working. To avoid this, make sure that the water pump for your engine is working properly and that the cooling system circulates well. Overheating can also be caused by a sticky thermostat. So, you might want to constantly check on this too.

Modern Car Electronics

The onboard systems of the car can cause car breakdown too. Most cars these days already have an overall system that operates and regulates the car’s functions. This is also what gives you warnings while driving if in case something is not working well. With these warnings, you will be informed ahead of time that there is something wrong. So, you will be able to find a remedy even before your car comes to a complete halt. Now, if your car’s onboard system is not working well, it would not be able to notify you and will push your car until it is unable to run. Aside from that, since it is responsible for regulating the different aspects within the car’s engine, the car would not be able to operate smoothly if it is malfunctioning. So, it is best to have it checked and ensure that everything is working the way it is supposed to.

Flat Battery

This has to be the number one cause of breakdowns. A lot of journeys if you live in a city like Melbourne may gradually wear down your battery, so a long journey once in a while is good to keep the battery well charged. When the car is serviced, check that the terminals have been cleaned and that a layer of petroleum jelly has been applied to them. Additionally, ensure that the connections are secure.

Flat Tyres

While not always avoidable, there are certain things you can do to limit the chances of flat tyres occurring. Firstly, always make sure your tyres are correctly inflated. Under or over-inflated tyres can greatly increase your chances of problems occurring, especially at speed. Keep an eye on your tyre tread depth and look for uneven wear, as this may indicate a problem with wheel alignment. A spare tyre is always advisable to prevent your car from ending up on the back of a tow truck nearby.


Vehicles running out of fuel is one of the most common and unnecessary breakdown causes. Make sure you have more than enough fuel at the start of each journey. If it is marginal then fill up just to be on the safe side – you never know when you might have to take a lengthy diversion or when you might be crawling along in a traffic jam.

Using the Wrong Fuel

Using the wrong type of fuel is an obvious but easy mistake to make. If you realize you have filled up with the wrong fuel, DO NOT start the car. Call for breakdown assistance immediately and they will come and recover your vehicle. Starting the engine with the wrong fuel will likely cause extensive damage to the vehicle.


Make sure your oil is kept at an acceptable level. Some cars burn more oil than others and if the engine runs out it will cause irreversible damage. Some people would recommend the oil is checked as often as once a week on many vehicles.


Problems with the Alternator may be indicated by dimming headlights and interference with the vehicle electrics, mainly when the engine is idling. If these are not dealt with they may cause a flat battery or loss of power.

Starter Motor

Make sure the starter motor is kept well serviced because without it, as the name suggests, you will simply not be able to start the engine.

Spark Plugs

These must be replaced regularly in accordance with the vehicle’s service program as they are an integral part of the vehicle’s ignition system.

Some of these issues can obviously be limited by keeping the vehicle well serviced according to the manufacturers program, while others require more regular attention so should not be neglected.

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Common Vehicle Breakdown Causes