Towing a vehicle or a trailer is hard, and only a professional towing company can do it safely and efficiently. There are tons of technical methods, machines, and tools involved that demand an experienced hand and sound knowledge of how to use them. Even the smallest negligence can lead to big problems that might damage the vehicle or trailer being towed. Towing is even more difficult in the winter season as this weather brings about its challenges, such as snowfall, slippery roads, lack of visibility, and others.

Many inexperienced drivers make mistakes that lead to accidents or cause them to get pulled over and receive tickets. Therefore, you should also know which mistakes to avoid to have a safe towing experience in the winter season. Continue reading to learn how you can prevent dangerous towing mistakes.

Not Considering The Weight Capacity

A towing trailer can only tow a certain amount of weight. Going beyond that weight capacity can make it hard for the tow truck to tow, especially on slippery roads in the winter season. Exceeding the weight limits can cause accidents which might lead to injuries and damage to the vehicles involved in the process.

It would be difficult to control a trailer that is loaded in a way that sets it off-balance. Therefore, always check that the towing company is using the right trailer to tow the vehicle and does not exceed its limits. Major components of tow capacity are:

  • OEM maximum trailer weight rating (TWR)
  • Gross combined weight rating (GCWR)
  • GAWRs
  • GVWR
  • OEM powertrain and rear axle combination
  • Hitch rating

Not Installing Trailer Brakes

Brakes are critical to avoid slippery roads and keep your vehicle under control. Maintaining steady control over such road conditions is necessary, especially when you are towing a vehicle. By distributing the braking force between the tow vehicle and the trailer, you prevent the vehicle from sliding and slipping. This way, you can better control your vehicle and take pressure off its tires.

Not Following Provincial Laws

A professional towing company is supposed to take care of the local rules and laws of the province and follow them while towing any vehicle. Some provinces may have various limits on maximum towing speed, trailer width, and the number of vehicles that can be towed. Some provinces may allow towing using chains while others may not and have some braking systems rules.

Therefore, your towing company must be aware of all the rules applied by the province for towing a vehicle. If they fail to do so, they will have to pay hefty fines, which might be included in the final cost of your towing bill. Therefore, ensure that you follow all the safety rules and install a tail in headlights to make your towing experience much safer.

Not Staying Alert

With the winter season at its peak, it is common to experience slippery roads, poor visibility, and a lack of traction. All these circumstances demand you to be extra cautious while driving and be more alert while on the road. Therefore towing experts should pay extra attention while towing vehicles and adjust their driving strategy accordingly.

Not Hiring The Right Towing Company

A professional towing company will know which rules and safety procedures to follow while towing vehicles in the winter season. They will know their towing vehicles capacity limits plus several other considerations that might affect your towing experience. Hiring the right company will reduce the stress of having to take care of everything by yourself. So, you can rely on them and let them do their job professionally.

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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Towing In Winter