In this blog entry, the towing and vehicle recovery experts here at TowCars Melbourne will provide some useful tips for Winter and Autumn driving safety.

Check that your Lights are Working

Since there’s less daylight in the autumn, make sure that your vehicle has functional headlights and fog-lights. Make sure to plan your trips in advance to drive during the day more often. Make sure your headlights stay in good condition so that you can have enough light as you drive in nighttime.

Look for Animals

Autumn means that wildlife like kangaroo will be moving around more than other times of year – which is why hunting usually happens in the fall. These animals usually travel in groups – so keep an eye out for them. If you see a sign that announces kangaroo or wildlife crossing, slow your vehicle. If an animal appears in your path, don’t swerve or rapidly break your vehicle unless you can maintain good control of your vehicle.

Weather Checks

During Fall and Winter, there’s more snow, wind, rain, and fog . Make sure to be aware of weather conditions that you will be dealing with as you drive. Black ice is the most dangerous as it’s invisible to drivers on the road and can cause you to spin out of control. Make sure to drive slowly and carefully when temperatures are sub freezing.

Leaves and Driving Safety

Since there’s more leaves on the ground, your vehicle has a higher risk of slipping or sliding off the road or getting stuck in potholes. Wet fallen leaves often cause accidents and lead to vehicles sliding out of control. If you see leaves or any garbage or debris on the road, drive slowly and carefully to stay safe.

traffic during the winter season