Random vehicle breakdowns can happen anytime, anywhere, and even to the most experienced drivers. In some cases, if the driver has little know-how of the mechanical parts of the car, the issue can be resolved.

However, in most cases, many people don’t know how to react to an unforeseeable occurrence like their car inevitably breaking down. More often than not, these people end up calling their friends, family, or colleagues.

The question that arises here is whether this is a wise decision or not?

There are many things that you should consider before deciding to tow a vehicle with your own car.

In this blog, we have listed some of the aspects you should keep in mind before using your own car to tow another vehicle.

Vehicle Ratings

Every vehicle is assigned a certain rating. This rating is closely tied to the car’s towing capacity. For the uninitiated, towing capacity is the maximum amount of weight your vehicle can tow. The rating is usually labeled on the door jamb of your car or truck. Never try to tow a vehicle that is beyond your car’s capacity. It will not only damage the aesthetics of your car but will also adversely affect the tires, engine, and other parts of the car.


You cannot just strap another vehicle to your car. If you want to tow a vehicle, your car must have a towbar installed. Although this sounds like a pretty lame requirement, there is much more to it than meets the eye. Just like the vehicle itself, towbars also have ratings that have to be accounted for before any towing takes place.

Moreover, many car models require towbars of specific ratings in order to ensure safe operation. Either way, if you don’t know the specifics of your towbar and vehicle rating, instead of scrambling with things beyond your understanding, it is better to call a professional car towing company.

Law and Regulations

Many localities have certain laws regarding towing a vehicle without the necessary license. Whether it is illegal to tow a car with another car or not depends on the area you live in and more importantly where you are when your car breaks down.

Braking Systems

It is no secret that towing vehicles have extra momentum when hauling other vehicles. This leads to an immense amount of pressure on the braking system, which is why most towing vehicles must have separate braking systems.

Hence, to tow another vehicle, your car has to have certain mandatory equipment, and in most cases, domestic cars do not fulfill all the requirements.

Can You Tow A Vehicle With Your Own Car?

If you are still wondering whether you can tow a car with your own vehicle the answer is that you technically can, but it is advised that you don’t. There are many things that go into towing a vehicle.

This is especially true if you are moving through uneven terrain. What if you are going uphill and the rope or chain you are using to tow the other vehicle suddenly breaks off? Similarly, what if your car’s brakes start failing as you go downhill? Moreover, there is a great chance that if you are not very experienced, the car may go out of your control.

What Should You Do?

If you have received a call from a colleague, friend, or family member whose car has broken down, it is best to call for roadside assistance. You can go out and help your acquaintance but it is best to not tow the car yourself.

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Can You Tow A Vehicle With Your Own Car