BOUNCEinc Keysborough

BOUNCEinc Keysborough

South-East Melbourne’s greatest indoor playcenter with associated trampolines, rock climbing dividers, destroying paths, a high ropes course, dodgeball court, Ninja Warrior course, arcades and a 4 story baby jungle gym.

Exercises are:


Indoor Playground
Our immense indoor jungle gym furnishes the littlest fans with long stretches of fun. With delicate play and splendid tones, our jungle gym is the ideal way for little ones to consume off their energy. The baby jungle gym is rigorously for kids under 130cms.

Our indoor jungle gym is a child’s fantasy. The wilderness themed structure has delicate play regions that will fulfill even the most inquisitive little pilgrims – with passages, slides and steps that are protected, delicate and container heaps of fun. A marvelous, staggered movement that gives your kids a lot of room to challenge and investigate for quite a long time really long time, all while under your careful attention.

Rock Climbing
A test for each climber – large or little! The Climb brings a scope of remarkable stone climbing difficulties into one spot… furthermore they’re truly marvelous. Our Rock Climbing difficulties are reasonable for any age… Simply saddle yourself in, cut on and move up.

At Bounce, we have piles of extraordinary climbing dividers to challenge everybody from the fledgling stone climber to the old pro! Want to climb solo? Not an issue – Our auto belay framework implies you needn’t bother with an accomplice at the base watching you climb, leaving you allowed to race your mates up the dividers… or then again do your best Superman impression.

Grown-ups, assuming you are now envious of the fun your children can have, don’t concern you to can take part in the Climb fun. Our Climb is not normal for any indoor stone climbing you might have seen previously.

Jumping place
Taking jumping places to another level. Ricochet’s Open Jump is comprised of associated trampolines for can heaps of flipping, bobbing, flying fun… Practice flips and deceives or hop starting with one vagrant then onto the next.

Ninja Warrior
A definitive trial of deftness, equilibrium and tolerance… Bob’s Ninja Warrior Course will stretch you to the edge! Hop, flip, swing and weave your direction through the course – with every snag similarly as invigorating and energizing as the last… Hop the skewed advances and run over the stepping stool span then, at that point, ride the Bounce’s Ninja’s freight tube before cautiously handling the divider run. Simply the most grounded of Ninjas complete the freight net (complete with acrobat section, it’s an interesting one!) – however the playground equipment and hanging entryways are container heaps of unbalanced fun. Note: Only those above 110cm are allowed to take the test.

Bounce’s Air
jump, flip and plunge into our Bounce comfortable airmat – a definitive experience for thrill seekers needing to rehearse new moves! The mildest arriving for all your coolest flips and deceives… The Bounce Air is a tremendous air mat with both trampoline and stage passages… This region is ideally suited for all ages and capacities to rehearse their powerful deceives with the certainty that an all around padded landing is there on the off chance that you don’t exactly nail it the initial time!

Trampoline Dodgeball
Duck, jump and avoid… Yet, don’t get hit! Skip’s trampoline dodgeball courts are the ideal method for consuming energy with your mates… It’s high energy, exceptionally habit-forming and piles of fun! Hop around the court and outmaneuver your resistance by tossing balls when they wouldn’t dare hoping anymore.

Wall Running
Cautious… this region is certainly not for the weak on a fundamental level! Divider running is high energy and piles of fun. Utilize the Olympic trampolines to send off yourself up the divider and run your direction to the top… assuming you dare!

The Bounce Wall it fit to more experienced jumpers who are hoping to grow their collection, by joining new crazy deceives you can’t accomplish elsewhere in the recreation area.

Need to add some stick to your hammer? The Bounce Slam region incorporates individual rings with independent drifters offering a fun runway. Flaunt your coolest sure things and b-ball stunts around here – which is ideally suited for all ages.

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