When the temperature begins to drop in Autumn, specifically in areas with colder temperatures diverse and distinct risks to driving are created. In this blog post roadside towing experts from Coburg Towing will provide a list of specific fall-related dangers that you should be mindful of to remain in a safe driving environment.

Brand New Drivers

A lot of teenagers learn to drive during the summer – and then when college begins in the fall there is a greater number of young drivers are on the roads, many of whom might not have the discipline to stay clear of distracted driving. If you are driving through areas with schools, it’s crucial to be vigilant not only for the safety of small children as well as the potential risk for novice drivers.

Less Visibility

In the days after Daylight Savings Time ends, the nights get longer and the visual perception functions like the depth of perception, recognition color and peripheral vision become more difficult to keep. Headlights that shine brightly on roads that are dark can temporarily blind drivers. It is essential to stay concentrated on the road at night to keep a constant and observant focus on all your surroundings.


The mating season for many animals begins in Autumn, including deer. If you’re driving through rural areas, you should take note of the greater danger of wildlife that could leap out in front of your vehicle. This large and massive animal could cause serious accidents. Be aware of your surroundings and be cautious when driving through rural or deer-infested areas during the autumn to ensure the best chance of braking successfully when a deer abruptly appears on the road.

Leaves on the Ground

Leaves that fall on the ground can form Puddles in the event that they block drains or vents, block roads markings, and even make a slippery surface on the road following rain, which can cause traction issues. Be cautious when traversing the pile of leaves.

Tire Pressure

When temperatures drop the tires pressure (PSI) decreases rapidly, much more than the standard 1 PSI. With every month that tires lose 1 pound for every area inch when the temperature decreases by 10 degrees. Always check your tire’s pressure using an instrument for measuring tire pressure and remember that the pressure you see on the sidewalls of your tires is high pressure. It is not your recommended pressure.


Since sunsets are earlier in the evening it is possible that you will be driving at sunset more often in particular if you are working in a typical 9-5 work schedule. Reflected light from sunset will more likely bounce off other buildings and vehicles with an angle that is low, creating reflections that could hinder the safety of driving. Use sunglasses during times when the sun is shining into your eyes. Additionally, make sure you don’t look directly into the light beams of vehicles that are coming towards you when driving at night.


The rise in temperatures in the mornings of Autumn and Winter can result in fog that blocks the depth of vision as well as sight. If you see fog in the roadway you can use your car’s fog lights which use beams that are wide and low on the road as well as its edges. Make use of them in addition to your regular low beams. If temperatures drop to the point that ice begins to form on the roadway, make sure to drive slow – taking extra care paying attention to bridges and overpasses.

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Autumn Driving Hazards